Book Mock-Up / Dust Jacket Edition. 8 PSD Presentations / 15 Different Book Mockups; Option: Turn ON/OFF Dust Jacket; High Quality Mockups / Creatively. Download Book Mock-Up / Dust Jacket Edition Graphic Templates by punedesign. Subscribe to Envato Elements for unlimited Graphic Templates downloads for. Try this premium Psd, Book Mock-Up Dust Jacket Edition, to see more from this authors profile click here or click the link below to download the premium Psd.

Book Mock-up / Dust Jacket Edition

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Book Mock-Up / Dust Jacket Edition / Ultra Sharp - 8 PSD Presentations / 15 Different Book Mockups - Option: Turn ON/OFF Dust jacket. download Book Mock-Up / Dust Jacket Edition by punedesign on GraphicRiver. Features 9 HQ PSD Presentations CS3 or Higher / Fully Layered. Book Mock-Up Dust Jacket Edition is created to help you display your projects on photorealistic way. Mockup contains 8 PSD high quality.

You can slightly see the spines to give the image some depth.

A great way to display alternative colors of the same hardcover book. Classic, simple and beautiful. Book Cover Mockup Present your notebook in a stylish and photorealistic way. The cover of this notebook is fully customizable. Clean Book Mockup Clean and modern book cover mockup for a crisp look. A wide shot of the hardcover book and great detail on the closeup. Book Cover Mockup This soft-cover book mockup comes with different backdrops.

Sketchbook Mockup This sketchbook mockup displays the inside pages as well as the front and back covers. Softcover books are more preferable than the hardcover in terms of portability.

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Many readers who would love to read on travel love to pick softcover books with them. This softcover book mockup gives you eight PSD files and each of them has a different image. The well-organized layers help the user to easily customize the mockup and also adds a natural look to the mockup. Shadows and smart objects are given in a separate layer so that you can customize the mockup without disturbing the other elements in the mockup. Apart from shadows, the designer also gives you the option to customize the depth of field to give a realistic look to your design.

This mockup is the best option for book design presentation. The mockup includes a floating book image, the top view, and the open view, with which you can clearly showcase your design.

By default, you get a minimal background in the mockup but there are also other background textures included in the package. PSD layers are handled smartly in this mockup so that the characteristics of the pages and the reflections on them are preserved. In the download file, you get 6 PSD files and all of them have well-organized layers for quick customizations. The book used in the mockup has standard A size so that it can be used for almost all types of books.

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As the name implies, this mockup has a Square book with the dimension xmm. The number of product positions and perspectives is less when compared with the Square book mockup mentioned-above.

With this mockup, you get the book front-view, open book images, and one close-up view. Since the images are taken in perfect studio lighting condition you get a clear image in this mockup. The layers are also treated properly so that the reflective nature of the book pages are preserved well. All you have to do is to add your design and present it elegantly to your audience or the clients.

If you are looking for a mockup to show the details and the attention in your design, this mockup is the best option. The designer of the mockup has shown the book image in different view and perspective. With this mockup, you can clearly present your design to the audience. Since this mockup has multiple images, you can showcase all your design variations with this mockup itself. Apart from the background color customization and shadow customization, this mockup also gives you pre-made photo filter effects.

As all the customizations are given to you directly in this mockup, you can create a presentation for your book design in no time. The creator of this mockup has given you seven photorealistic mockup images in this set. If you are offering more than one design for a book, this mockup will come in handy for you to showcase all your design.

Books in this mockup are shown in different perspectives so that you can give a clear idea your design to the users. With this mockup, you also can make a product image for your book in the online store. As users can search and download a large variety of books online, selling your books online will help you reach more readers.

Softcover Book mockup is almost similar to the Cove Book mockup mentioned above, but this mockup is from a different designer. This mockup also has images of the book shown in different angles.

The flexible nature of the softcover book is captured well in this mockup.

PSD layers are also handled smartly to make your design fit in well with the bends and curves of the image. Nine different scenes are given in this mockup and all of them will clearly highlight your book design. The images used in this mockup are in 5K resolution. As a result, you get high clarity image and can your high-quality design file into it and show it to the audience. For optimal result, the creator of the mockup suggests Photoshop version CS2 and above. Since the images are at the highest quality, each and every detail of the book can be seen clearly.

More than ten scenes are given in this mockup with which you can show all your design variations. The shadows and the background are treated as a separate layer so that you can easily customize them. This mockup is perfect for all types of design presentation and product image making.

Hardcover Square Book Mockups is a realistic image mockup.

If you wish to show your book design in a real-world scene, this mockup would be the best choice. Reflective book edges and high-detailing in the image gives a realistic look to the design. In the download file, you get seven photorealistic images and all of them are easy to edit.

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PSD layers are organized well in this mockup so that you can add your design directly to the file and create your presentation in no time. Com, Curepe, Trinidad and. Poster Mock- up Design. Photorealistic outdoor portrait citylight billboard mockup with which you can present your design.

This mock- up is ideal for demo your products, marketing campaigns and advertisements. Currently there is no comment for City Light Mockup Psd be the first to add comment! We love making free mock- up' s for you. Feel free to download this City light mock- up and. The easy way to reach your goal is to use Photorealistic mock- up.

Free Hardcover Dust Jacket Book PSD Mockup

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City Light city light design mock up Mockup free mockup free free citylight mock u. One photo- realistic PSD with smart objects. Realistic coffee cup mockup.

PSD mock- up of a classic coffee mug great to present a logo or typography piece in a modern and realistic way. Realistic a5 brochure mock up. Then download these amazing outdoor advertising mockup PSD templates for. Branding mock up full frame city citylight clp clp mock- up hipster logo mockup mock- up psd. School elements collection 49, years ago.With this mockup also you get open book type image.

The scent can be felt only with a hard copy, not in the digital form. As this mockup uses high-quality images, you can zoom in and clearly show the detailing of your design. You can not only show your book cover design but also the page layouts. Because in the same page itself you get enough space for the image and the related contents.

By default, you get a minimal background in the mockup set to elegantly highlight your design.

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