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Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell; 92 editions; First published in ; Go to the editions section to read or download ebooks. Editorial Reviews. presinescinmett.ga Review. Sometimes only remembered for the epic motion site Store · site eBooks · Literature & Fiction. Editorial Reviews. presinescinmett.ga Review. Sometimes only remembered for the epic motion Look inside this book. Gone With The Wind by [Mitchell, Margaret] .

She attended Smith College from to study psychiatry, but she had to return to Atlanta when her mother died during the great flu epidemic of In , she married Red Upshaw but left him three months later and had the marriage annulled. In , she married John Marsh, the best man at her first wedding.

He died in Mitchell joined the prestigious Debutante Club, but her public drinking, smoking and her performance of an Apache dance in a sensual costume, ended that for her.

She was refused membership to the Atlanta Junior League. She began her writing career as a feature writer for the Atlanta Journal. She authored a freelance column for the paper called Elizabeth Bennett's Gossip. Mitchell is the author of the best selling novel of all time, "Gone with the Wind" In , the film version was a smash hit and it received ten Academy Awards.

Scarlett's original name was Pansy, which was also the book's working title, but editors insisted that it would be changed because of its use in the North to refer to homosexuals. Henry was killed in France during World War I and Mitchell declared him as the one great love of her life.

On August 16, , Margaret Mitchell died of injuries she received when she was hit by an intoxicated cabdriver while crossing Peachtree Street in Atlanta. She was mourned by so many that tickets had to be distributed for the funeral. Published posthumously was "Lost Laysen" , which was a novella Mitchell wrote in , at the age of fifteen, as a gift for her boyfriend. He received a B.

After teaching high school at his alma mater, he accepted a job teaching disadvantaged black children in a two-room schoolhouse on Daufuskie Island off the South Carolina coast. Why do Scarlett and Rhett feel the need to trick one another?

Are there ever moments when they allow themselves to be vulnerable with each other? Why is honesty such a problem for them? When the Yankees arrive in Atlanta, Rhett leaves Scarlett in the wagon to take care of Melanie and the others.

Why does he leave them behind, as well as a life of comfort, to join the army he claims to dislike so much? On her deathbed, Ellen calls out for her lost love, Philippe. Why does Margaret Mitchell include this seemingly insignificant back-story?

Does this relationship parallel any others in the novel? Does this moment change Scarlett? From where does she find her strength?

Gone with the Wind

Scarlett is often annoyed that her son, Wade Hampton, appears to prefer Aunt Melly. How would you describe her relationship with Wade? Much like his father Charles, why is he mentioned so infrequently?

Do you judge Scarlett when she yells at him? How would you describe Melanie—as weak or strong? If so, why does she remain so loyal to her? Describe Atlanta once the war is over. Besides the physical damages, what are the biggest changes? Why do you think some of the newly free men remain loyal to their white families, while others try to start new lives? When Ashley returns to Tara, he confides in Scarlett that despite his wartime heroics, he considers himself a coward.

What does he mean by this statement?

Do you agree with him? Does Scarlett agree? Were they ever really in love, or do they just admire each other greatly?

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If so, why do you think this is? What makes Scarlett different? Does she still care what they think of her?

After Tara is safe, why does Scarlett remain so involved with the mill? Where did she learn her business skills? Why is she successful when so many of the men are not?

And why does she decide to do business with the Yankees, whom she continues to hate? Why do so many of the white Southern men join the Klan? Is it a matter of race, or politics, or dislike of the Yankees? Why is Scarlett one of the few to speak against the Klan?

Discuss the importance of religion in the novel. How important is God to Scarlett? During tough times, she often claims not to care what He thinks. Do you believe this is true?

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What about following the death of her second husband, Frank Kennedy? Does she feel guilt? Does he make a good husband?

Scarlett has one child with each of her husbands. Does she treat them differently? Does fatherhood change Rhett? If so, do you think his behavior would be different if he had a son instead of a daughter?

Gone with the Wind (Paperback)

Ultimately, does she love Ashley, or Rhett, or her own children as much as she loves Tara? Enhance Your Book Club 1. After your book club discussion, watch the film version of Gone With the Wind. Discuss the differences and similarities between the novel and the Oscar-winning movie.

Is there one you prefer?Does she treat them differently? Jamie Lee Scott. WorldCat Library. Item s unavailable for download. At Christmas , Ashley is granted a furlough from the army. What makes Scarlett different?

Go to the editions section to read or download ebooks. It is also one of the best.

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