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Shopaholic Takes Manhattan - Sophie Kinsella 3. Shopaholic Ties the Knot - Sophie Kinsella 4. Shopaholic Download Ebooks by Sidney Sheldon · Image. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The world is a different place since Helen Fielding site Store; ›; site eBooks; ›; Literature & Fiction. Compre o livro Shopaholic Abroad: (Shopaholic Book 2) na confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e importados.

The story had Kinsella's usual humor littered throughout. I will admit she is the queen of laugh out loud humor. She can make you cringe and laugh at the embarrassing situations her heroines get into. Dragging out the decision about where to have the wedding was the only bad part. After a while it got old, and I just started skimming just to see how it would end. View all 5 comments. Oct 05, Kathryn rated it really liked it Shelves: I've decided that, since I'm pretty preoccupied with wedding stuff as it is, what could be more fun that going through the adventure with an old friend?

Hence, some of my joys and stresses will be meshed with Becky's--and I'm grateful for the companionship!

View all 3 comments. Mar 22, Attack Salmon rated it it was ok. My least favourable Shopoholic book so far. Becky is stuck having 2 weddings and she have to decide which one she want the most and still manage to make everyone happy. It is an ok read but the story wasn't as funny as the previous ones and throughout the whole book Becky just keep avoiding confrontation and whining.

Very little plot material for this one. I still can't get the chemistry between Luke and Brandon. They are vastly different.

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Yeah u can say opposite attract but I still can't see how My least favourable Shopoholic book so far. Yeah u can say opposite attract but I still can't see how they fit in each other's life Becky Bloomwood's life has been running fairly smoothly recently, she is a personal shopper at Barney's, she and boyfriend Luke are living together and they've even opened a joint bank account.

At best friend Suze's wedding Luke proposes and suddenly Becky's life has been flung upside down. Her mum wants her to get married in Oxshott whereas Luke's mother Elinor wants her to get married in New York - at the Plaza no less!

As both women begin to plan their respective weddings Becky knows that eve Becky Bloomwood's life has been running fairly smoothly recently, she is a personal shopper at Barney's, she and boyfriend Luke are living together and they've even opened a joint bank account. As both women begin to plan their respective weddings Becky knows that eventually, sooner rather than later, she will have to make a decision and cancel one of her weddings.

But once she gets around to dress shopping and cake tasting, the thought of cancelling one of her weddings becomes near impossible and Becky finds herself in trouble yet again. With Mini Shopaholic less than a month away I've decided to re-read the entire Shopaholic series in preparation for the new book.

I think it's the first time I've re-read all of the books back-to-back and it's so exciting picking out the details I remember and learning details I've forgotten particularly with the books I've only read once. Four hours later and I had finished the book! I'd already read the first two books a couple of times but if I remember correctly, this is only the second time I've gotten the chance to read Shopaholic Ties The Knot.

Unlike the previous two books, Shopaholic Ties The Knot isn't focused solely on shopping. There's no debt in sight, and whilst Becky does still shop come on, it's Becky Bloomwood , it isn't as hectic or as frenetic as in the first two books.

Shopaholic Ties The Knot focuses firmly on Becky and Luke's wedding and I liked the fact that it was different to the first two books. Becky has dealt with a lot of things throughout the first two books but having to pick between two weddings is certainly the most difficult.

I mean, either disappoint your mother who wants you to wear her wedding dress or give up a Plaza wedding. I've never been to the Plaza but I can imagine how beautiful it is and I'm well aware how much people would give to marry there. That is Becky's dilemma and although her flakiness and lack of commitment to one wedding was mildly irritating, it was an understandable dilemma. How it all sorts itself out is one of my favourite Shopaholic scenes ever, it was a stunning twist and it's the one scene that always sticks in my mind.

As ever, the characters are just as fantastic. Becky does seem to grow up a bit more as the books progress but her sunny, sparkly nature remains throughout. I have three more books to review and I'm running out of ways to say I love Becky Bloomwood. Honestly, I feel as if I'm beginning to sound like a broken record I do apologise for that.

I would also like to say, for the record, that I love Luke Brandon too. I've loved him since book one and if he weren't Becky Bloomwood's We get to know Luke so much more during Shopaholic Ties The Knot and it seems as if he has some unresolved issues, particularly where his mother Elinor is concerned whom I don't like, for the record.

It's refreshing to see Luke open up a bit more and I definitely felt as if I got to know him more.


Suze, Becky's best friend is still around and Becky's parents are hilarious as ever Becky's mum in particular is funny and made me laugh out loud. We also meet Danny, a new friend Becky makes in New York. Again, like the previous two, the book is written in a chatty, recognisable way and I was surprised to find that I had managed to finish it in under four hours even the lady on the plane mentioned how quick I read the book.

I can't say that I have a favourite Shopaholic as I love them all for different reasons but they do keep getting better and better and it was nice to see Becky when she's not completely consumed by shopping please note that I did say "not completely consumed".

If you've read the other books in the series you really ought to pick this one up and if you haven't yet read any of the books, why haven't you? The series is great and Shopaholic Ties The Knot is a worthy addition! Oct 10, Noella rated it really liked it Shelves: Only there is one BIG dilemma. Where is she going to have her wedding? In her hometown Oxshott with family and friends, planned by her loving mother or in Manhattan at the extravagant Plaza Hotel organised by Luke's mother Elinor?

Becky's indecisiveness and lies return in this installment of the Shopaholic series. I was quite frustrated by her actions throughout the book as she ran away from her problems and escaped by lying. I didn't grow to hat 3.

Shopaholic Abroad/Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

I didn't grow to hate her but I just really wished she learnt a lesson from her past experiences!! The book was prolonged quite a bit as Becky makes failed attempts to turn down a wedding and go ahead with the other arrangement all whilst keeping Luke in the dark on the final decision.

This was fortunately made up for by the time with the secondary characters such as Danny her next door neighbour, her Barney's workmates and clients, and Michael.

I could really see how Becky really cared about these people even though her own wedding plans were a mess! The way her wedding eventuated was a comical surprise. I just hope in one of the future books, Rebecca would solve her problems in a better way. It always seems to me that lucky things happen so that Rebecca doesn't actually have to confront her dilemma head on.

Overall, an entertaining read but be prepared for some silliness from Becky. Feb 26, Love Fool rated it really liked it. Ugh, why can't Becky and I be friends in real life?

An Life has been good for Becky Bloomwood: And damn, life has been very good for her. Yes, Luke's mom can be a bitch but she's a rich bitch so it's allowed Typical Becky Bloomwood messes that make you laugh. Het heeft weer even geduurd voor ik dit boek uit had maar het was weer een ouderwets goede. Weer heerlijk gelachen om de onhandigheid van Becky en de situaties waar ze zich in werkt. Nu even een pauze in de shopaholic serie tijdens de resterende tijd van m'n vakantie en daarna weer vrolijk verder!

Het blijft een leuke serie om te lezen. Rebecca Bloomwood is probably the only character I forgive being an absolute pain in the She makes me furious and eye-rolling, I want to shout at her and still I find myself enjoying the books. I loved all the wedding talk. Must the Disney princess inside me still waiting for her big day.

May 02, Christine KizzieReads rated it liked it Shelves: As much I loved the writing, Becky just drove me nuts! She really needed to grow up and stop acting like an entitled baby. She thinks about having a baby after Suze, but only because she wants to shop for it. Not be a mother. She wants the Plaza wedding, but also her wedding at her parents' but can't say no to either one.

I did like the little twist at the end, but it was a little to late for me to really enjoy it as the whole book was me wanting to slap her silly and tell her to wake up look at As much I loved the writing, Becky just drove me nuts!

I did like the little twist at the end, but it was a little to late for me to really enjoy it as the whole book was me wanting to slap her silly and tell her to wake up look at reality!! Also, I didn't feel the love between Luke and Becky as he was barely in the book. I saw more of his real mom, who is the biggest bitch on the planet, then I saw him. Just didn't feel it. May 11, Anuradha rated it liked it Shelves: I was quite frustrated by Becky Bloomwood's actions throughout the book as she ran away from her problems and escaped by lying.

I just really wished she learnt a lesson from her past experiences. This third book in the series had Kinsella's usual humor littered throughout.. The ending was a happy one, it didn't disappoint me, but the drama about the two weddings dragged on for too long Its all "happily ever after if you liked Confessions of a Shopaholic then you'll enjoy the rest of the series.

Its all "happily ever after" that follows. Overall, an entertaining read Aug 28, Cara and Ashley rated it it was ok Shelves: Oh no! What happened to Sophie Kinsella when she wrote this book??!!! The problem book series have, especially when the first two novels were really good, is that the reader is hungry for more good story telling.

But unfortunately, with Shopaholic Ties the Knot, it seems like the author has lost her fire…. OH NO!!! Well, for starters, the plot seems really ridiculous. She is a Shopaholic, right? Then why would she allow two other people to plan her wedding? I mean, if she loves to shop, then what better way to start the story with Becky not being able to resist the huge million-dollar industry of Weddings? But instead Ms. Kinsella takes the reader to a bizarre scenario where two weddings are being planning for Becky to occur on the same day.

How weird is that! I know this is fiction, but at the very least try to think of the readers and how they would relate to the main character! I just got married very recently and I was hoping for the book to indulge me with wedding mis adventures so that I can relate, laugh, and recollect about my own wedding planning not that I splurged…well, maybe a little…!

The new characters Ms. Kinsella introduced are annoying and incomprehensible.

He is supposed to be an up and coming designer. What bride in her right mind would wear such a thing in a supposedly posh wedding at the New York Plaza, where Hollywood Stars get married?

I am completely appalled at the ridiculousness of all this! Kinsella should have done some research in dress-making…OR should have not created the Danny character and stuck it out with Suze, whom I always found to be super cool!

Did Ms. Kinsella do this on purpose? Are we really not suppose to understand her? Why not be consistent and have him pay for the wedding? I find this part of the story very unconvincing. At A Glance Genre: Cliff Hanger: More focused on other issues other than her spending. Worst Part: Baby Erinie!!! Conclusion Continuing the Series: Short Review: Scruffy and not quite so scruffy.

T-shirts: Actually, make that three pairs of jeans. And anyway, jeans hardly take up any room, do they? I can always add some more if I need to. T-shirts: selection. Plain white, obviously. Grey, ditto. Black cropped, black vest Calvin Klein , other black vest Warehouse but actually looks nicer , pink sleeveless, pink sparkly, pink- I stop, halfway through transferring folded T-shirts into my case.

This is stupid. The whole point about T-shirts is you choose them in the morning according to your mood, like crystals, or aromatherapy oils. I tip them all into my case and add a couple of cropped bra-tops for luck.

This capsule approach is working really well. Ten minutes later, Suze wanders back into the room, holding two mugs of tea and three KitKats to share. And what happens if Luke and I go for a really rustic country walk? I try to fold it again, but it slithers out of my hands and onto the floor.

God, this reminds me of camping trips with the Brownies, and trying to get my sleeping bag back into its tube. Feeling slightly discomfited, I sink onto the bed and take a sip of tea. You see businesspeople all the time, striding onto planes with only a tiny shoe-box suitcase on wheels and a smug expression. How do they do it? Do they have magic shrinking clothes? Is there some secret way to fold everything up so it fits into a matchbox? Or a fur stole. Then it occurs to me that Suze goes away nearly every weekend, and she only ever takes a tiny squashy bag.

Do you have a system? You work out an outfit for each occasion — and stick to that. She knows all this kind of stuff. She knows how to make a rabbit out of chicken wire, too. Quickly I start to jot some broad headings on a piece of paper. This is much more like it.

Watch out world – Becky Bloomwood’s on the move…

Much better than randomly stuffing things into a case. Outfit 1: Sitting by pool sunny Outfit 2: Sitting by pool cloudy Outfit 3: Sitting by pool bottom looks huge in morning Outfit 4: Sitting by pool someone else has same swimsuit.

Outfit 5: In the hall the phone rings, but I barely look up. They just phoned up to order some more!

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Her latest range is in purple tweed, and they come in these gorgeous grey sparkly boxes, all wrapped in bright turquoise tissue paper. I helped choose the exact colour, by the way.

She lives in London with her husband and family. She is also the author of several bestselling novels under the name of Madeleine Wickham, all published by Black Swan.

Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Compra verificada. I'd heard about the Shopaholic series for years before finally taking the plunge when I came across the first book on sale recently. As I thought might happen, I was completely captivated.

There are a lot of criticisms one could make of the Shopaholic series I'm now on book 5 as I write this review of book 2 , but I think that a lot of such criticism fails to understand the genre of "chick lit" about which I, a newly fledged expert, am now going to expound: That's not how fiction works! You read about people who make choices you might not make in real life, not about sensible people who carefully follow their budgets and savings plans and never, for example, snap and start shooting people because of the voices in their heads OK, deep breaths.

Which means we're going to rethink our critiquing paradigm a bit if we want to do a proper job here, and assume that something this successful is probably not just airhead-ery. So what can we say about "Shopaholic Takes Manhattan"?

Becky is invited by her boyfriend Luke to come with him to Manhattan, where he's trying to expand his business. She immediately falls in love with the shopping, the TV offers that are coming her way, the shopping, the shopping, the shopping The basic situation is familiar from the previous book something that will continue in later books in the series as well , but Kinsella drops clues and builds the tension like a mystery writer.

The narrative style is the unselfconscious-yet-ironic stream-of-consciousness that is typical for "chick lit," and that seems to be so poorly understood by readers who are not fans of the genre. Yes, dear reader, we and the author are both supposed to recognize how ridiculous the situations are, and on a certain level, so does the character, but she still presents it as if it's totally reasonable. Which is where the humor comes in.

It turns out women DO have a sense of humor, it just appears in the form of laughing at yourself and seeing things through two lenses at once. I'm sure I'll have lots more to say as I review the next books in the series, but in the meantime, if you're looking for a hilarious and absorbing read, you couldn't do better than this book and this series.

As I was thinking about my vacation last summer, I was remembering about how much fun it was to drink Guinness Beer in Scotland and Ireland.

Reading a Sophie Kinsella book may not be as much fun as drinking a beer at the Guinness Gravity Bar, but it lasts a lot longer and both are fabulous trips! The endearing Becky Bloomwood is back and as usual, gets in one scrape after another.

In fact, the prologue includes some of Becky's musings on "the advantages of shopping abroad: You can download things you can't get in Britain. You can name-drop when you get back home. Foreign money doesn't count, so you can spend as much as you like. But alas, the first page of the book is a copy of a letter to Derek Smeath, the Endwich Bank manager who has had a multitude of dealings with our young heroine. She is asking him if he can "accidentally, on purpose" lose a thousand pound overdraft.

She is still the financial advisor for a London television morning news magazine where she gives common sense, warm and folksy responses to people in dire straits. She has received a large check for writing a money management guide although she can't get past the type font she plans to use And she shops and shops and shops!

The difference now is she has hooked the gorgeous, wealthy work-a-holic Luke, who is president of Brandon Communications.My sister and I were actually able to go to an author talk with Sophie Kinsella, and she's just as adorable as Becky!

I can do this. Playing for Keeps. Sitting by pool someone else has same swimsuit. In fact, at one point I was in debt by.

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