Epilogue. Also by Dan Brown. Copyright Page This novel could not have been written without the generous assistance of countless individuals who . the Robert Langdon who writes books about symbols and religion, aren't you?” Langdon. The Lost Symbol, a Novel by Dan Brown: Summary Terjemahan dalam Bahasa Indonesia: The Lost Symbol (Simbol yang Tertanam) oleh. The Lost Symbol is the fifth novel of Dan Brown after his four best seller novels. . of phrasal verbs from the original book in English to bahasa Indonesia and.

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The Lost Symbol is a novel written by American writer Dan Brown. It is a thriller set in .. Jump up to: Rich, Motoko (September 16, ). "Dan Brown's ' Lost Symbol' Sells 1 Million Copies in the First Day". The New York Times. Retrieved September. The Lost Symbol is a masterstroke of storytelling - a deadly race through a I liked this novel actually better than DV Code and A & D, which is ironic as it. While The Lost Symbol may not be quite as good as the now iconic previous novel The Da Vinci Code or the fantastic Angels and Demons, Dan Brown still.

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The Lost Symbol

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The Lost Symbol

Leiden: E. He does get 10 points for a hilarious caper including the Blue Line out to the King Street station though and the Red Line to Tenleytown yeah, Tenleytown shout-out, what up! This book's wacky science theme is Noetics, and the quasi-religious thing at hand is the Masons.

Since the first thing that comes to mind re: Noetics is Fringe, I sort of expected a Pacey Witter guest appearance, but alas, it was not meant to be. I know absolutely zip about the Masons, but who wants to bet their membership applications go through the roof this month?

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So my final verdict: did I hate it as much as Catcher in the Rye? Will I ever hate any book as much as I hate Catcher in the Rye?

Is it the best Robert Langdon book? Not by a long shot. Is it still vaguely enjoyable in the way only a Dan Brown book can be? Does Dan Brown's copy editor need to be publicly humiliated?

Also, if I ever have to read the words "neutered sex organ" again, I will be forced to remove my eyeballs and then pour bleach directly onto my brain. One more P.When I hear, "issue of national security," I think nukes-- not the pussy shit this guy is threatening.

Hold on. Since we know that the story is complicated story which is adorned with thousand ancient symbol.

View all 4 comments. The DaVinci Code had better twists, but became a little too ponderous for me. Professor Langdon had welcomed well in US Capitol.

Of the four Robert Langdon books in the series, this was my least favorite. In this case, Robert is called as the representament because the character Robert Langdon has capability in revealing the Lost Symbol.

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