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Name, French-Name, Dropbox, bdupload(No Ads!) TusFile. Tintin in the Land of the Soviets, Tintin au Pays des Soviets, Click, Click, Click. Tintin in Congo, Tintin . Tintin Au Tibet (French Edition) () Herge, ISBN , ISBN ,, tutorials, pdf, ebook, torrent, downloads. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for Documents Similar To 02 - Tintin au presinescinmett.ga 01 - Tintin au pays des presinescinmett.ga Uploaded by.

He is shown savagely beaten after escaping the Sondonesians , causing him to suffer a loss of all his teeth. He escapes a volcanic eruption and flees in a rubber raft with the other criminals, but he and his accomplices are hypnotised and compelled to board a spaceship, whisking them away to an unknown fate. The gunrunner[ edit ] The gunrunner, who appears in Cigars of the Pharaoh , is an arms trafficker who rescues Tintin from a storm at sea, then turns him over to his enemies when Tintin discovers his weapons of contraband.

The fakir[ edit ] The fakir is the loincloth-wearing ascetic appearing in Cigars of the Pharaoh as a high-ranking member of an opium smuggling ring. He shoots darts soaked in the dangerous Rajaijah juice that drives people mad. Among his talents are hypnosis, the Indian rope trick, and escapology to the point where he is offended by Tintin thinking he could tie him up.

He is eventually captured when the leader accidentally knocks him out with a rock that had been intended for Tintin. When the Blue Lotus was originally published in black-and-white, the fakir tells his boss on the phone how he intends to bribe an asylum guard into arranging Tintin's "suicide".

It is also later hinted that he is the chairman of the meeting of the hooded leaders of the drug cartel. In the sequel The Blue Lotus , the fakir escapes from prison and again uses his darts to poison a Chinese man sent to warn Tintin against Mitsuhirato , another leader of the drug smugglers. In that title's original black-and-white version, the fakir can be seen escaping through the forest with his blowpipe after shooting the dart at the Chinese man.

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Not taking any chances, Tintin tells the Maharaja of Gaipajama he will not leave until he knows the fakir is unable to do him any harm. The next day they receive a telegram from the police announcing the fakir had been recaptured. Gibbons[ edit ] Mr. Gibbons is an American steel trader in The Blue Lotus. Gibbons is portrayed as an overweight, loud-mouthed, racist bigot. Gibbons also physically assaults a Chinese waiter at the "Occidental Private Club".

He reports Tintin to the Japanese authorities in retaliation only to be arrested as a liar when his information is found inaccurate. He is a friend of the Shanghai police chief Dawson who arranges for Gibbons to be released in return for expelling Tintin from the International Settlement into Japanese hands.

There they meet a number of guests, including Mr.

02 - Tintin au Congo.pdf

Gibbons; "He's in import-export", Castafiore says. Gibbons , Dawson has prison guards assault Tintin, only for Tintin, beating up the guards without getting a scratch himself, to use this as an opportunity to escape prison. Dawson subsequently plots with Mr. Mitsuhirato and turns Tintin over to the Japanese, who have put a price on his head, [12] calmly dismissing Tintin's protest that he is on neutral ground. Dawson is ultimately forced to attend the ceremony in honour of Tintin.

Debrett French: M. Dubreuil , and is being patronised by Rastapopoulos. He has Tintin and Captain Haddock denied entry to Khemed and plants a bomb on their return plane. Dawson's plan ultimately fails. In the animated series, Dawson's role is completely reduced.

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He only speaks with Thomson and Thompson and he does not appear to have an alliance with Mitsuhirato. He owns a women's clothing shop on the Street of Tranquility in Shanghai and appears friendly to Tintin, but Mitsuhirato also plots with Dawson and is involved in a drug trafficking cabal with Rastapopoulos while working for the Japanese government.

Mitsuhirato is characterised as an evil, scheming person, exploiting political turmoil in China to his and his country's advantage.

He is depicted as unscrupulous and militaristic, with stereotypically rectangular teeth. They discover that a diamond is being concealed in a fetish and do anything to possess it. They are shown being taken away to Hell by smiling winged demons.

Corporal Diaz[ edit ] Corporal Diaz was a colonel for General Alcazar until Alcazar demoted him to corporal, replacing him with Tintin, after Diaz complained to the general that San Theodoros had too many colonels and too few corporals The Broken Ear. In revenge, Diaz engaged in repeated, unsuccessful assassination attempts against Alcazar.

Diaz expired in the last attempt when the bomb he planted exploded prematurely. Trickler[ edit ] French: Chicklet Mr. Trickler attempts to engineer a war in order for San Theodoros to seize total control of the supposedly oil-rich Gran Chapo region from neighbouring Nuevo-Rico and hand it over to his company.

He further seeks to profit even more through the sale of arms by his associate Basil Bazarov to both countries.

Trickler tries unsuccessfully to bribe Tintin into convincing General Alcazar to start a war against Nuevo-Rico. When that fails, he tries to have Tintin assassinated and bribes Alcazar in person, then has Tintin framed as a spy and nearly executed.

At the end of the adventure, it turns out the Gran Chapo region has no trace of oil. Trickler; "Director of an important oil company", Castafiore says. He sells weapons to both sides of the conflict between San Theodoros and neighbouring Nuevo-Rico. He also works with his associate Mr. Trickler in an attempt to bring an end to their mutual enemy Tintin. His first appearance is in The Broken Ear , in which the adventure's villain Mr.


Trickler hires him to bring an end to Tintin. Pablo's attempt fails; Tintin captures Pablo, who begs for mercy, and Tintin lets him go.

Trickler then frames Tintin for espionage and the young man is soon sentenced to death. Pablo, grateful that Tintin spared his life, assembles a gang of men, breaks into the prison, and frees Tintin and Snowy. In the serialised version, Pablo's full name was given as Juan Paolino, the Terror of Los Dopicos and best shooter in the country.

When Tintin discovered his treachery, he allowed Pablo to go free, as he remembered Pablo once saved his life. Ivan[ edit ] Ivan is a character who appears in The Black Island. He is a chauffeur and henchman of the villainous psychiatrist Dr.

Tintin is unpersuaded by Smiles' attempt to hire him, and after Tintin orchestrates the arrest of his gang, Smiles escapes and heads west. Here, Smiles convinces a tribe of Blackfeet Native Americans that Tintin is their enemy, and when Tintin arrives, he is captured and threatened with execution.


After escaping, Tintin discovers a source of underground petroleum. The U. Tintin evades a lynch mob and a wildfire before discovering Smiles' remote hideaway cabin; after a brief altercation, he captures the gangster. Tracing the kidnappers to a local mansion, Tintin hides in a suit of armour and frees Snowy from the dungeon.

The following day, Tintin is invited to a cannery , but it is a trap set by gangsters, who trick him into falling into the meat-grinding machine. Tintin is saved when the machine workers go on strike and then apprehends the mobsters. In thanks, he is invited to a banquet in his honour, where he is kidnapped and thrown into Lake Michigan to drown.

Tintin survives by floating to the surface, but gangsters posing as police capture him. He once again overwhelms them, and hands them over to the authorities. Finally, Tintin's success against the gangsters is celebrated by a ticker-tape parade , following which he returns to Europe.

At the time, the Belgian far right was deeply critical of the United States, as it was of the Soviet Union. Written in the context of the Wall Street Crash of , Duhamel's work contained strong anti-consumerist and anti-modernist sentiment, criticising the U. Many elements of Tintin in America, such as the abattoir scene, were adopted from Duhamel's descriptions.It's great to have Tintin books available on your phone and sold for a reasonable price. On Wikipedia you can find a very complete list of webcomics.

First appearing in Spirou et Fantasio, Marsupilami eventually got its own spin-off series.

Tintin and the Seven Crystal Balls. Asterix Difficultly: Activities , Fun Stuff , Cooperative Learning.

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