The XR is a monolithic function generator integrated circuit capable of XR 2. Rev. 11 SYNCO. VCO. 4. VCC. GND. BIAS. Timing. Capacitor. 5 .. Datasheet February Reproduction, in part or. XR datasheet, XR pdf, XR data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Exar, Monolithic Function Generator. The XR is a monolithic function generator integrated circuit capable of producing high quality sine, square, triangle, ramp, and pulse waveforms.

Xr 2206 Datasheet Pdf

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Monolithic Function Generator, XR datasheet, XR circuit, XR data sheet: EXAR, alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic. XR Datasheet PDF Download - Monolithic Function Generator, XR data sheet. XR Datasheet PDF Download - XR the analog plus company TM Monolithic Function Generator June FEATURES D Low-Sine Wave.


TC1 Timing Capacitor Input. TC2 Timing Capacitor Input. TR1 Timing Resistor 1 Output.

TR2 Timing Resistor 2 Output. This output is a open collector and needs a pull up resistor to VCC.

XR2206 function generator IC unstable when using above 10V supply

Operating Frequency 0. Supply Sensitivity 0.

Recommended Timing Components Timing Capacitor: C Timing Resistors: Sine Wave Distortion Without Adjustment 2. Leakage Current Note 1: Note 2: The VCO produces an output frequency proportional to an input current, which is set by a resistor from the timing Rev. Basic Test Circuit. Figure 4. R versus Oscillation Frequency.

Figure 6. Trimmed Distortion versus Timing Resistor. Frequency Drift versus Temperature. Circuit Connection for Frequency Sweep.

The control dimension is the millimeter column Rev. Sai Kishore. Sunardi Wicaksono. Oretse COncepito. Nandan Kumar Jha.

(PDF) XR-2206 Datasheet PDF - Monolithic Function Generator

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Output Amplitude Selection between sine and triangle waveforms is accomplished with switch SW2b connected across XR pins 13 and When the switch is closed, the output is a sine wave. With the switch open, it is a triangle wave.

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Unfortunately, the output voltages of the sine and triangle are not the same. The maximum sine wave is about 6 volts peak-peak and the triangle wave is about twice that.

In my circuit, I've added two pre-set trimmers - R15 and R16 - to adjust the waveforms so they're the same voltage. When SW2b is open, the output is triangle and R16 becomes the 'active' pre-set.

This image shows the effect of having the sinewave's Amplitude preset trimmer set too high. In practice, the amount of adjustment is fairly limited so I've used R14 as a pre-set trimmer instead. IC3b provides about 5.

(PDF) 2206CP Datasheet PDF - XR-2206

Choice of the TLCP was quite critical.A faster comparater could be used if faster rise and fall times are required. Set frequency jumper to C5 nF. In my circuit, I've added two pre-set trimmers - R15 and R16 - to adjust the waveforms so they're the same voltage. MO Multiplier Output. The outputs at pins 1 and 7 swing between ground and 5 volts.

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