Primary Longman Express e-Textbook follows the aims and objectives laid down in the Curriculum Guide. It offers balanced coverage of the learning targets. Welcome to Primary Longman Express Companion Website! A wealth of new resources are uploaded for your different school-based teaching needs! Check out. Detailed Information × - 45k - jpg Chapter 6, Book 5A Primary Longman Express Fun in Hong Kong.

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Primary Longman Express Pdf Download Free. Primary Longman Elect. Book 3B Primary Longman Express. Download ppt 'My classmates. Free primary longman express e-book download software at UpdateStar - e- books 電子書;» primary longman express super e;» primary longman express pdf. Free primary longman express 1a ebook download software at UpdateStar - e- book 1b;» primary longman express super e;» primary longman express pdf.

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Listening activities Listening practice for developing different listening skills. Audio script To facilitate self-study, instant feedback is provided and learners are encouraged to redo the activities until they get the answers right.

To support less able learners, audio scripts are provided but they can only be viewed after the activity not during the activity. By encouraging learners to look up the meaning and usage of unknown words, their study skills can be developed.

The inserted notes etc are synchronisable to more than one device via the Internet.

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