adminComment(0) Audio and Video Systems: Principles, Maintenance and Troubleshooting (): R.G. Gupta: Books. Tata McGraw-Hill Education, - Audio-visual equipment - pages. 3 Reviews Best book for ave engg. communication engineering books reference. Audio and Video Systems: Principles, Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Front Cover · R. G. Gupta. Tata McGraw-Hill Education, - Audio-visual equipment .

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Overview: Designed for the courses on Audio and Video Systems, Entertainment Electronics and Consumer Electronics, this revised and up-to-date second. Results 1 - 10 of 10 Audio and Video Systems, 2nd ed. by R.G. Gupta and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at [Written in , for a special MIT summer program, this book went on to . Compression in Video & Audio (Focal Press ISBN , Oxford, England, ). . Davis, Don & Carolyn Davis Sound System Engineering, 2nd ed.

Billings, Keith, Abraham I. McGraw-Hill, New York, Feucht, Dennis L. Which isn't surprising once you know that he was a real world Tektronix engineer. Particularly good at giving insight into circuits. Frederiksen, Thomas M. I was most fortunate to have learned directly from Tom, as were a couple of the other aforementioned.

It simply cannot be written or said clearer or more interestingly than the way Tom does it. He has a whole "Intuitive" series -- five titles that I know of. Find them, search them out; you won't be disappointed. Both five-star books. Jung, Walt, ed. In between headaches, Tony Kordyban joyfully explains why everything you know about cooling electronics is wrong. Lurch, E.

Norman Fundamentals of Electronics, 3rd Ed.

Maxfield, Clive. Bebop to the Boolean Boogie, 3rd. Really great stuff. You will learn something. Pease, Robert A. Stuff, Anyhow?

No better book on analog troubleshooting than this. It was an honor, a privilege and an education to have worked with him. RIP, Bob. Don't be put off by the title, This book, along with Horowitz's book, are the two best books on practical, day-to-day electronics that you will find. Williams, Gerald E. One of the best ]. Williams, Jim Analog Circuit Design.

Also check out his new book below.

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Also check out his first book above. Borwick, John , Loudspeaker and Headphone Handbook, 3rd ed. Colloms, Martin , High Performance Loudspeakers, 6th ed.

Maor, Eli , e: Nahin, Paul J. An Imaginary Tale: What's not to like? Although it is dry and you have to read the notes to get some of the best stuff. download it; give it a chance -- don't be put off by the style. I bet you learn something and tell all your friends to get a copy. It's that good.

Borwick, John Microphones: Eargle, John update by Ray A. Rayburn The Microphone Book, 3rd Ed. Absolutely the best free information on mics, just loaded with great stuff. Valuable stuff from two of the experts. A great complement to Doug Self's book below.

Of the few seen, I prefer this one, and it just keeps getting better with each edition. Also recommended is his book on small signal audio circuits listed here and another on designing active crossovers found here. Slone, G. Audio Eng. Ballou, Glen, ed. The book is divided into chapters written by multiple authors, resulting in great differences in treatment, tone and thoroughness of subject matter.

Some sections are excellent and useful to a sound engineer; some are not.

Benson, K. Blair , ed. Too bad it is out of print. A lot of the material is done at an advanced level and quite difficult, but valuable.

See Whitaker for revised edition. Bohn, Dennis A. Sound System Engineering, 4th ed. Harada, Kai Sound Handbook. Hit the link and enjoy; definitely a great and fun introduction to sound and audio. Jones, Douglas R. Sound of Worship: There is a companion website, www.

Audio and Video Studios

Lampen, Stephen H. This tome is a comprehensive reference covering basic audio principles and the practical design of all types of classic radio receivers, audio amplifiers and record-producing equipment up to the invention of the transistor. This is the book you consult to learn how they did compressors in the very old days, for instance. McCarthy, Bob. Sound Systems: Design and Optimization, 3rd. Thorough treatment of using dual channel FFT analyzers, acoustic prediction programs and DSP boxes to set up any sound system.

Lots of very useful full-color images and diagrams. Already a classic, methinks. Metzler, Bob. Bob explains.

He has done a great job of gathering in one place all the truly relevant information about audio engineering. There are woefully few books on analog audio circuit design as it is, but this is truly a monumental work. Only Self could fill pages on this topic—and not one word too many! download IT. However, if you are not an audio engineer, then I think this should not be your only reference book.

It covers a lot of ground, from the math and physics of audio, all the way through digital audio transmission and standards.

Too much, I think, for any one volume. The info is there, but it is quite sparse and difficult in places. This book takes work, but has value. Hit the link and download away. Tremaine, Howard M. Audio Cyclopedia, 2nd ed. Howard W. Although terribly outdated, and long out-of-print, this is still the best all-around pro audio reference for the fundamentals.

And, if you dig, you can still find copies in used bookstores and online. Uzzle, Ted and Robert A. Bushnell and Thomas G. Whitaker, Jerry C. Whitaker took over responsibility for revising after K. Blair Benson's death in This edition is so different from the original that it is best treated as a different book complementing rather than replacing the original. A complete audio reference library will contain both. A very useful CD-ROM including many chapters from the original first edition omitted from the print version of this second edition — very nice and useful touch, is included.

From theory to practical, great book. Winer, Ethan The Audio Expert: This alone makes it worth the investment. Plus it has a companion website that offers audio, video and extra chapters to augment the printed material.

All in all, a very fine package, highly recommended for the basics. Bregman, Albert S. Auditory Scene Analysis: The author is the leading pioneer in this subject, having spent over twenty years studying it.

Audio and Video System

Reading just the first and last chapters is worth the price of the book. Written in , and still considered one of the best sources for physiological acoustics. Howard, David M. Minimal math.

Lass, Norman J. A book scanner is any device used to digitize the pages of a book. Every book scanner has three parts. Cameras are used to capture images of each page.

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Or they can have multiple moving parts with computer-controlled capture and high resolution cameras.Difficult, but definitive. Woram, John M. There is a companion website, www. Policies and guidelines Contact us. International Edition.

Also check out his new book below. Seller Inventory A very useful CD-ROM including many chapters from the original first edition omitted from the print version of this second edition — very nice and useful touch, is included. When we are editing video, we often need a reference of a specific point of the video for example, where a certain scene begins. BookVistas New Delhi, India.

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