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Once arrived at the hotel we will have a welcome drink and get to know each other. After that, we will set out for an evening shoot in the fields under Pienza.

There is not a fixed day to day schedule because we adapt on weather conditions and locations, but some highlights on what you might expect are shown in the images here on the page.

Reserve early, as group size is limited to max 7 participants. The photo tour is suited for beginners, advanced and semi-pro photographers. Participants must have a working knowledge of their camera.

Included in the Photo Tour price are: Transfer from Florence to Pienza and back to Florence on the first and last day of the photo tour. Dinner on the first day in Pienza. Breakfast and Dinner during our stay in Pienza.

Dinner in Florence on our last day. Furthermore you will obtain the skills and insights you need to defend an idea to potential business sponsors, you will learn to convert innovative ideas into full-grown, concrete business proposals, gain a critical analysis framework and a practical set of tools for assessing the potential of innovative projects, selecting them, and tracking their progress and understand how to push innovation through your organisation.

Class 2: Designing an effective life science innovation plan During the evening class you will design your own life science innovation plan. You will learn all about innovation management at the strategic, organisational and operational levels. An experience lecturer will teach you how to design and implement an effective business innovation plan based on theoretical knowledge, best practices and several life science cases.

The assignment will be moderated by an experienced teacher and discussed by your fellow students. The final result of this evening class is an effective business plan ready to be used in practice.

W O R K A H E A D - 2 0 1 9

Klik hier voor meer informatie Method Our Masterclasses will put you at the centre of every learning experience. And it really is an experience far away from traditional classroom learning. Besides this experience they all have broad knowledge about science, business modelling and strategy.

Tim Knotnerus AM Pharma. Previously, Tim was a senior associate at Aescap Venture which he joined in An environment, in which a cocktail of creativity, business sense, analysis, customer psychology and out of the box thinking act as a driver of change and innovation, is where Carlos performs best.The properties of the viral formulation, such as successful inactivation, preservation of hemagglutinin HA binding ability, fusion capacity and the potential to stimulate a Toll-like receptor 7 TLR7 reporter cell line were then assessed and compared to the properties of the untreated virus.

You would then enter the BOL manually on the Shipment tab. All drinks during Dinner. Verduijn Boeken.

In the end, you will know how to transfer these skills to others, and put pursuing opportunities at the heart of your organisation. This method allows you to get used to the way questions are asked during the official SCC exams.

Included in the Photo Tour price are: Transfer from Florence to Pienza and back to Florence on the first and last day of the photo tour.

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