Results 1 - 16 of 41 Brave New World: Imperial and Democratic Nation-Building in Britain Between the Wars. 1 May by Laura Beers and Geraint Thomas. FROM GERAINT THOMAS, WINNER OF THE TOUR DE FRANCE Like no other cycling book, from no other rider - Britain's cycling star shares his unique. The Tour According to G: My Journey to the Yellow Jersey [Geraint Thomas] on de France from Geraint Thomas, the first Welshman and third Brit ever to win the Tour. Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more.

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The World of Cycling According to G book. Read 81 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sit back or saddle up as double Olympic gold me.. . Published this week in America, Geraint Thomas's new book takes readers His book, “The World of Cycling According to G” provided a. The Tour According to G by Geraint Thomas, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Maybe in middle- and long-distance running, or in a triathlon. The only thing that troubled me was the reason he was doing it.

Was he attacking to beat Dumoulin, or was he attacking to win the race? If it was the second of the two, he was by default attacking me. Was this just about the positions behind Thomas?

Commentary: An inside look at Geraint Thomas’s new book

It played on my mind. I realised that was why I was a little miffed with the team as well. Guys, is he attacking here to win? That might help Chris move up the GC or extend his cushion too over those chasing him. I blocked the rest of it out.

Keep everything as simple as possible. Maybe it would actually work out better for me, if I were to hold on all the way to Paris, that Chris had been given his head. Keeping it professional as they talk on the start line Critically, neither of us were taking it personally. This was nothing like those famous intra-team rivalries of the past. Chris knew I wanted to win and I knew Chris wanted to win so it was never underhand. Both of us were being honest. He had won four Tours in five years.

Of course he wanted to win.

It was entirely natural. Jonathan Castroviejo leading our line, all of us settling in. Quintana dropping Dan and starting to hoover up the splintered remains of the break up the road. You know the attacks are coming, and you have to respond with your brain as much as your legs.

Froomey jumped onto his wheel. Dumoulin went to the front of our group and began the chase. I could see Chris pulling a turn or two at the front too, and that set off alarm bells.

Onto the team radio. Just sit on him. Use him.

Dumoulin loves these relentless pursuits. The pace almost never jumps, but he never slows either. It hurts others, too. Our group was shedding exhausted riders with each one hundred metres. It works. You climb fast and you can see Saint-Lary down in the valley below you, and you look ahead and see what must be the top. All is sunshine and green trees and prettiness. Quintana was travelling. Soon it was Quintana on his own with Dan Martin close and we GC men a minute off, fighting our own private war.

Bardet is hanging on as Froome keeps his eyes on Dumoulin Wout Poels had come to the party. Bardet, shattered from his earlier efforts, was the first of the big boys to blow out the back.

Through eight kilometres to go, seven, six. That briefly distanced Wout, and Egan took over the reins momentarily until Wout fought his way back; he was pulling some shift.

Five kilometres.

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Froome at the back of the group with Dumoulin, Tom there because he was marking Chris, Chris there because his legs were starting to betray him.

Then they started to play a few mind games.


Dumoulin dropping off the back of the group momentarily. Wout — pick it up! Just keep this pace as it is. Still five kilometres to go. Dumoulin was fine.

A minute on, and Chris lowered his chin towards the little mic we all have halfway down our team radio cables. Slow down a bit. If Froomey was struggling now, then everyone must be hurting. I felt like I was getting better as we got higher.

The Lotto lads were really going for this, taking it in turns to dish out the punishment. A sign that he had recognised the hell that Froomey was going through, a knife in an open wound. But I enjoyed doing it.

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The Roubaix stage was bonkers Stage 9 will go down as one of the most dramatic grand tour stages in recent memory, due to the numerous crashes and constant chaos on the cobblestones between Arras and Roubaix. Richie Porte crashed, so did Froome, and numerous others. Luke and Kwiato dropped back to pace his chase of the lead group, and with a big effort they got him back up to where I was. Luke had an issue with a wheel and had to stop, and Gianni never made it back on.

From two nominal leaders with three lieutenants we were suddenly down to Chris and me and not a teammate for protection in sight. While Froome was eventually caught and dropped , the curious attack led fans and journalists alike to wonder why Sky was attacking its man in yellow.

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Apparently, Thomas was also miffed. When Thomas approached Froome about the situation the morning of the stage, Froome brushed him off. The risk of it, not the fact Froomey wanted to see what he could do.

Were management reluctant to tell him, or did they really feel he could pull it off? Thomas and Froome celebrated at the end of the Tour, but there were some awkward moments. I was there, and I remember squeezing into a packed gazebo next to a comically small swimming pool to yell questions at Froome, Thomas, and Sky Principal David Brailsford.Swansea Spy by Geraint Thomas 30 Nov It bothered me.

The book also look in detail at the Tour, and I analyse in simple terms how Geraint managed to win it. Was this just about the positions behind Thomas?

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Chris knew I wanted to win and I knew Chris wanted to win so it was never underhand. What were we going to do? Sign up now.

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