Stephanie Laurens, Gaelen Foley, Loretta Chase (A Return Engagement; The Imposter Bride; Lord Lovedon's Duel) · Read more. DOWNLOAD EBOOK: 4 BOOKS: LORD OF FIRE; LORD OF ICE; LADY OF. DESIRE; ONE NIGHT OF SIN (KNIGHT SERIES, 2,3,4,6) BY GAELEN FOLEY. PDF. FOLEY PDF. Often, checking out 4 Books: Lord Of Fire; Lord Of Ice; Lady Of Desire; One Night Of Sin (Knight Series,. 2,3,4,6) By Gaelen Foley is extremely dull.

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Lord of Fire (Knight Miscellany) [Gaelen Foley] on presinescinmett.ga *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gaelen Foley has become one of the hottest new writers. Knight Miscellany 02 - Lord Of Fire by Foley, Gaelen and many more for free Type: PDF. Posted by: zorrosito. Download this file. More books by this author. lord of fire knight miscellany 2 gaelen foley | Get Read & Download Ebook lord of fire knight miscellany 2 gaelen foley as PDF for free at The Biggest ebook.

The Knight Miscellany series by Gaelen Foley. She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and two spoiled bichons frises, and is hard at work on her next novel.

Genre: Historical Romance 1] The Duke: After the woman he idealized is murdered, Robert Knight, Duke of Hawkscliffe, accepts her elderly husbands challenge to track down the killer, Dolph Breckinridge, and exact revenge. While investigating Breckinridge, Robert is led to a well-known house of ill-repute where he meets renowned courtesan Belinda Hamilton.

It was Breckinridge who ruined Belinda and had her father imprisoned.

One Moonlit Night (Moonlight Square: A Prequel Novella) (20 page)

She is more than willing to join forces with Robert to bring about Breckinridges downfall. What neither expects is to fall in love while pretending to be in love. Their relationship may shock the ton, but neither Belinda nor Hawk care. Their goal is to destroy Breckinridges reputation with the aristocracy.

In truth, he is working for the Secret Service to ferret out traitors to the crown. His plans seem to be moving along perfectly until innocent Alice Montague enters his domain.

Alice does not know what to make of Lucien, yet there is no denying his sexual magnetism or the vulnerable side that he displays when they are alone together. Torn between telling Alice the whole truth and having to disguise his mission, Lucien leads them both into danger.

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Though living in seclusion, he is named guardian to a fellow officer's ward. Instead of the young homeless waif he was expecting, however, Miranda FitzHubert is a stunning, passionate beauty who invades his sanctuary and forces him back into society.

Struggling to maintain honor and self-control, Damien now faces an ever greater threat: desire. A bold, free spirit, Miranda has witnessed the darkest depths of Damien's soul--and has seen his desperate need for love.

But before she can thaw his unyielding heart, she must endure a terrifying nightmare of her own Then one night, in flight from an arranged and loveless marriage, Jacinda finds herself alone on a dangerous street face-to-face with Billy Blade, the notorious leader of a band of thieves. Officers of the line, as a rule, deemed espionage dishonorable, ungentlemanly.

To Damien and his ilk, spies were no better than snakes. Damien was a born warrior, to be sure. Anyone who had ever seen him in battle, his face streaked with black powder and blood, knew there was no question of that.

No matter, Lucien thought cynically. She smiled slyly, revealing the fetching little gap between her two front teeth as she took his hand and let him pull her up close against his body. She groaned softly under his kiss and melted against him, the black satin of her gown sliding sensually against the white brocade of his formal waistcoat.

Last night it had been skin to skin. Though the twenty-seven-year-old baroness wore mourning for her late husband, Lucien doubted she had shed a tear. A husband, to a woman like Caro, was merely an impediment to her pursuit of pleasure.

Her ebony gown had a tiny bodice that barely contained her burgeoning cleavage. The midnight fabric made her skin look like alabaster, while her crimson lips matched the roses that adorned her upswept, chocolate-brown hair. After a moment, Caro made an effort to end their kiss, bracing her gloved hands on his chest. When she pulled back slightly, he saw that she was gloating, her cheeks flushed, her raisin-dark eyes glowing with amorous triumph. Lucien masked his insolent smile as Caro coyly lowered her lashes and stroked the lapels of his formal black tailcoat.

To be sure, she believed she had done the impossible, what none of her rivals had ever achieved—that she alone had snared both Knight twins as her conquests and could now play them off each other for her own vanity.

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Alas, the lady had a large surprise in store. He was a bad man, he knew, but he could not resist toying with her a bit.

He licked his lips as he stared at her, then glanced suggestively at the nearby wall, cloaked in shadows. Are you game? She let out one of her throaty laughs.

Right now I want us to go see Damien. Lucien lifted one eyebrow, playing along with consummate skill. Now, come. He went along amiably, which ought to have warned her that he was up to something.

See a Problem?

A glance, a laugh, a look spoke volumes. Appalling, really, to think that this wanton little schemer, for all her beauty, was on the verge of snaring Damien in marriage. Lucky for the war hero, his snake of a spy brother had come to his rescue again with the crucial information: Caro had not passed the test.

Lucien bent his head near her ear. She slipped him a nervous glance. I want you there. Her lips parted slightly, and she looked like she might climax on the spot in response to his demand. She says my baby might be getting sick.

Not that I know what to do with the little creature. He knew that Caro had a three-year-old son by her late husband, though most of the time she seemed to forget the fact.

Foley, Gaelen - 1 - Lord of Fire

The child was one of the reasons why Damien was so interested in marrying the woman. Aside from some bizarre fatherly impulse toward a child he had never even seen, Damien wanted a wife with a proven ability to bear him sons.Sea of Lies: A handsome outlaw running from a secret past, Billy Blade has never met a woman like Jacinda-her fiery innocence and blossoming sensuality set his rebel's heart ablaze.

Book 7. The main plot of the story climaxed about forty pages or so from the end of the book and then turned in a completely unexpected direction, actually giving it a second ending of sorts plus an epilogue.

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