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IS (Part 3) ISO (dk-np%m). Indian Standard. TECHNICAL SUPPLY CONDITIONS. FOR. THREADED STEEL FASTENERS. PART 3. IS Technical Supply Conditions for Threaded Steel Fasteners, Part 3: Mechanical Properties of Fasteners Made of Carbon Steel and. download BIS IS TECHNICAL SUPPLY CONDITIONS FOR THREADED STEEL FASTENERS - PART 3: MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF FASTENERS.

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IS (Part 3): ISO 5 Mechanical properties. When tested by the methods described in clause 8, the bolts, screws and studs shall, at room. More Information Less Information. Close. Enter the password to open this PDF file. Cancel PDF Producer: . PDF Version: . Page Count: . Close. Preparing. IS - - Technical Supply Conditions for Threaded Steel Fasteners, Part 3: Mechanical Properties of Fasteners Made of Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel .

Following major changes have been made in this revision: a The contents of the standard have been enditorially revised and brought in line with the new basic standards on fasteners. This standard was originally published in The form of the shank is optional but compliance is required for the maximum dimensions specified space requirement dimensions.

Nuts and Fastener Accessories Sectional Committee. IS Part 13 : IS No. A foundation bolt of thread size M Example: 61 In respect of requirements not covered in this. No tolerances have been specified for length 1.

P is the pitch of thread.


They depend on the respective shapes of the custoinary bolts. New Delhi. New Delhi Telephones: 01 E9 MIDC.

Limits of sizes for. If the French. S General plan IS0 IS0 general purpose metric screw threads. Part 4 Tolerancing system first revision IS Part 6: Part 9 Su: K IS Table 2 specifies steels for the different bolts.

The chemical composition limits are mandatory onlv for th fasteners which are not subject to tensile testing. Table 1. System of coordinates.

IS 1367 PART 8

Further guidance for application of the specific property classes is given in: Far non-standard items. Minimum dongation ahe. IS Part 3: The multiplication of these two figures will give of the yield stress in newtons per square millimetre.. A min. Boron or Mn or Crl I 0. IS Part3: Crl - -. In case of plairi carbon boron alloyed seeI wkh a carbon for property class 8. HR8 mtn. L zso -. Relerence to ISO I0 Vicken points above core are carried out at HV 0. Minimum 6 to 9.

For pmpeny class Property Mechanical property IS Fart 3: A is suitable for machined test pieces and for bolts with a shank area less than the stress area Table 4.

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The application Programme A and 6. Propeny Test class 8. Test method Test Programme 6 Property 3.

IS0 metric coarse pitch thread M3 M3. IS0 metric coarse pitch thread.. IS C Part 3: Minimum ultimate tensile loads. L 22 3: I afin9 IOJd N id 5cxl 82 ! IS CPart3: The test ring.

The calculation of the tensile. The following properties shall be checked on machined pieces by tensile tests in accordance with IS0 The grips of the testing machine shoilld! It is carried cut for the purpose of determining the tensile strength.. When machining the feet piece.

Products in property classes 4. When carrying out the test. For screws threaded to the head. There may nbt be a direct relationship between hardness and theoretical tensile strength. The grips of tt.

The proofing load. Surface hardness readings taken at t? The Vickers test hV 0. The speed of testing. Part 3: For property clauses 8. In cases. Th The length of free tt of We thread 6Pl.

Some variables. Careful differentiation nwt be made between an increase in hardness caused by carburhatiun and thbt diw to heat-treatment or cold working of the surface. For measurement of permanent extension.

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The Vicken hardness with IS0 IS C. In case of doubt. Maximum hardness values have been selected for reasons other than theoretical maximuin strength considerations e.

Hardness readings for the surf. TO meet the requirements of the proofing: Figure 2 - Application of proofing 13 load to full-size bolts..

IS 1367 Part 3 - 2002 Mechanical Properties of Fastners Ma~1

Wedge loading of full-size bolts Table Nominal thread diameter. A tensile test shall be continued until fracture occurs. Symbols r. For product the formula grade C. Radius or.

Figure 3. To meet the iequirements of this test. A hardened. Hole diameters 3. The bolt shall meet the requirements foi minimum tensile strength. The minimum distance from the thread wn-out of the bolt to the contact surface of the nut of the fastening device sliall bed. Figuie 4. Moreover for products with head bearing diameters 1. The test piece shall be taken lengthwise.

Where screws are threaded up to the head. The non-notchi? When struck several blows with a hammer. Values 4. Head soundness. Wedge Nominal diameter of bolt and screw d bolts and screws with shank length 1.

Using the appropriate measuring method 8.

Zones of decarburizafion Xl00 clearly 8.Epub Jan 17 3 ISO general purpose metric screw threads — Tolerances — Part 1: This part of ISO applies to bolts. Multiple studies utilizing several different operative repair techniques demonstrate that restoration of the linea alba during concurrent hernia and rectus diastasis repair is feasible and reduces the average distance between the rectus muscles with potential functional and esthetic benefits [13—26].

FN max. It is carried out for the purpose of determining the tensile strength. Crl - -. In case of doubt. KU Nm min.

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